An Apology to Coach Craddock and Coach Hansen



Before I finish my previews of the Canada West  ‘Play-In Series’ for this coming weekend –

 I want to write openly to Coach Barnaby Craddock of the Alberta Golden Bears and Coach Mike Hansen of the Lethbridge Pronghorns.

Barnaby and Mike,

I want to apologize for my characterization of your coaching decisions for the game on Sunday.  In that piece I accused you of ‘agreeing’ somehow to ‘soft-play’ that final game.  I wrongly accused Barnaby and the Bears of dropping the game on purpose.

I feel my article was mean-spirited, presumptive, and too precipitous.  A deep breath is always a better option. Both coaches had good reason to go with an ‘alternate line-up’, so as to protect their players in advance of upcoming play-offs.  The decision to play the rotation they did was one they arrived at with due consideration for their team as a whole, and for the better rest or protection of some key individuals.

I never meant any slight on the efforts or skills of those non-starters who played a big part in a very close game.  I appreciate the work that all players at that level put into their sport.  I think I’ve tried to promote Canada West Basketball with this blog, and I’m sorry that this post was so negative and unnecessarily critical.

I appreciate the hard work coaches in Canada West have in their many roles with their teams.  I am among your biggest supporters.  I hope we can go forward with the positive promotion of the game we all love.

Sincere apologies,

Wayne Thomas


5 thoughts on “An Apology to Coach Craddock and Coach Hansen

    • All grist for the mill—keep up the good work Wayne! Before you came along there was never any controversy because there was never any reporting.
      Robin Fry

  1. A most generous apology Wayne, considering what I am sure was the institution’s pressure behind it.

    In re-reading your apology, the one major point of view not mentioned is that of the fans and broader public. Coming to the game and paying admission, they have a “right of expectation” to see both teams at their best – playing to win. Obviously, not playing the best players is not playing to win. There should have been a disclaimer at the door.

    Furthermore, their best is encased in a cocoon of treasured academic freedom protected by our democratic society. The institution’s role, or its employees, in driving your apology, smacks of “Trumpism”. The institutions owe us an apology. As a former president of a major Alberta academic institution, I am sure Mr. Ken of the prior post would agree.

    Your CANADA WEST is excellent. It enhances the daily awareness of our institutions in our communities; and, strengthens the contacts (and financial support, both publicly and privately) between the institutions and their graduates….. Thanks Wayne …. Tom (

  2. Your writing is thoughtful, entertaining, respectful and fair minded.
    We all make mistakes and sometimes learn from them and change. That generally makes things better.
    I sincerely think your writing is not in any need of change.

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