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  1. Too many teams were allowed into the Canadawest to begin with. When these teams entered I feel they should have been required to earn their way up the ladder to play with the established teams. Two divisions and each year top two teams from Div 2 move up and last two teams in Div 1 move down. What is going on right now is ludicrous.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Two divisions with promotion and relegation at year end is the answer. A ‘small school’ with a strong recruiting class could make some noise over a 4 year period. The prospect of relegation would make the end of season very interesting.

      • John and David, you ‘Old School’ alumni, with your impressive credentials, may wish to return to the ‘days of yore’, but that’s not going to happen in today’s U-Sports Basketball. The Canada West Governors and the National Directors will not approve any kind of overt Div 1-Div 2 alignment . (More in a new post upcoming)

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