CIS Update – League Standings



League standings –

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Ryerson beats Carleton and Ottawa in league play, and we have quite a separation in all but the OUA West.  Ottawa, Carleton, Ryerson, Brock, McMaster, and maybe Queen’s are in with a chance in the playoffs.  In the West, we have a scramble between Western, Laurier, and Windsor.   Our guess –  Ryerson and Ottawa , then a battle between Carleton, Brock, and McMaster for the 3rd OUA spot in Nationals. The Ontario league plays 5 more ‘weeks’ in the regular season; plenty of games left!

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Further East –


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The Atlantic is a dog-fight all the way …  from #1, UPEI, to #7, Saint Marys, with St FX, unusually, on the outside this campaign. Because of the 5 weeks of play remaining in the regular season, and the AUS Tournament (Halifax) format, it is almost impossible to make any definitive choices at this stage.

 in Quebec the same would hold true, where the air has gone out of the McGill balloon, with 2 losses to cross-town rival, Concordia. The Stingers , Redmen, Laval, and UQAM will play in the semi-finals it would appear most likely;  it’s too early to be picking a tournament winner, and their lone CIS Nationals rep.


UnknownCanada West Pioneer Division games –   all games are on Canada West TV
Friday  –    From East to West (early-late) –
8 pm  Central  –  Regina at Manitoba   …    Saskatchewan at Winnipeg
8 pm Mountain  – Alberta at Lethbridge
8 pm Pacific  –  Brandon at Trinity Western      …   UBC at Victoria
Saturday –  (early – late)
4 pm Central – Saskatchewan at Winnipeg
6 pm  Central – Regina at Manitoba
7 pm Mountain – Alberta at Lethbridge
7 pm Pacific –  Brandon at  TWU  …   UBC – UVic
Calgary has a bye.  All Explorer Division teams have a break this week.

 CIS Scores –  
OUA Weds – Brock 83  Guelph 49,  Windsor 90  Laurier  78, Western 65  Waterloo  46

Overtime –   

  •  We missed it back in December, but Alberta post man, Sebastian Denault apparently returned to Quebec over the holiday, and will not play for the Bears.  Also missing from their line-up since the mid-season break is Toronto guard, D’Wan Williams; this leaves Jonah Wyessa (Father Lacombe HS, Calgary) as their point guard coming off the bench in support of starter, Colby Jackson.

Simulated Playoff Draw


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The Canada West Playoff Picture –

The standings at the Christmas break are shown above, and the teams that leap out are the front-runners, the Dinos, the Cascades, and the Bisons, then the trio of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and UBC who are wallowing in the 7-8-9 spots in the Pioneer.  What if we were starting the newly structured playoffs from here ?

It’s early, yes, but ” We need clarification “, said our fervent ‘band of basketball brothers’, at a ‘regular meeting’ prior to yet another high school game.  So we follow with a draw which may do the trick; we have real teams!

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CW logo copyHow would things play out ?  Well, it might be unlikely, but  … Alberta, UBC, Brandon, Trinity W. miss the playoffs in the Pioneer. OK, OK … calm down … it’s a simulation, an example !  And MacEwan sits out with UNBC in the Explorer (maybe !).

We follow the rankings, and advance the top-seeded teams, Mt. Royal and Lethbridge in the ‘play-in series’ (in this simulation) … and we arrive at the quarter-finals, hosted by the higher-ranked teams.  Again, we have the ‘ favourites’, UFV, UVic, Manitoba, and Calgary  move on to the Final Four, which is held in Calgary, the highest – ranked of the 4.  

Is this a possible Final 4 ?  Yes, but it could be pure fiction, with 1/2 the schedule left to play.

Is this a possible Final 4 ? Yes, but it could be pure fiction, with 1/2 the schedule left to play.

That’s enough.  You get the idea.  This is simply to  bring the draw to life. We do expect there to be some changes in the standings between now and the middle of February.  Too early to make ‘real’  picks.

So, the 11 Pioneer teams compete for 7 playoff spots, with 3 of these (the 7-9-10 seeds) being involved in the best of 3 game ‘Play-in Series’.  Just a little warm-up for the consequent 8 -team Quarter-Finals, which follow the next weekend.

The Pioneer teams get 3 of the 4 top seeds, and 5 of the top 7.  Their 3rd place team are home for the ‘Play-in series’, then only the 1st place Explorer team has a home court beyond that, barring major upset. They do , however, have a shot at hosting the Canada West Final Four … if the top seed should lose, and Fraser Valley (let’s say) should win, we’re headed to Abbotsford !

Is it the hockey mentality in the West ?  Why are we embarking on 2 weekends of Best of 3 series ?  Why torture the lower seeds in such a manner?  The prize is another best of 3  at either the # 1 or # 2 seed ? Then we play a 3rd weekend with the Final Four, and 2 more games.

Contrast that with the other 3 CIS Leagues in the East –

 Ontario –  4 Divisions of 4 or 5 teams (17 total – the same as Canada West).  The top 3 teams from each Division make it in to play-offs, and are seeded 1 through 12.  First round – single game eliminator, preliminary round, with #9 @ #8 , #10 @ #7, #11 @ #6, and #12 @ #5.  The top 4 seeds get byes to Round 2 –  A – Winner 9/8 at 1st seed, B- winner 10/7  @ #2, C- winner 11/6 @ #3, and D- winner 12/5 at #4.

Carleton and Ottawa are already the heavy favourites to play in the OUA Wilson Cup Final.

Carleton and Ottawa are already the heavy favourites to play in the OUA Wilson Cup Final.

Those 4 OUA winners go to the Wilson Cup Final Four – at highest seeded team. Semi-Final 1 has Winner of A vs winner  D, and  Semi 2 has winners B and C tipping off.  That’s 3 games Maximum to get to the OUA Final.

In the Quebec  League – they have only 5 teams, with 4 in the demi- finales … puis, a demain, la grande finale !  Deux jeux … c’est tout !

Then we have the intensity of the annual Atlantic Tournament in Halifax –  6 teams out of 8, with seeds 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 in the quarter-finals on Friday … the winners of these 2 go up against # 1 and # 2 in the Saturday Semis, then the winners there play in the Sunday Final.  3 games … Champion !

The distances for travel in Canada West are influential in playoff scheduling, and can be a factor in Ontario.  The Quebec teams are always a short bus trip away (many times by City bus !).  The AUS have had the same format for some time, and the single game knock-out breeds excitement and upsets.  Relatively speaking, Canada West is a bit of a torture test.


Canada West  ‘Holiday ‘ games this week – 

Brett Rouault and the TRU Wolf Pack head South for 3 games this week.

Brett Rouault and the TRU Wolf Pack head South for 3 games this week.

  • Thompson Rivers are playing at Bellingham, WA against Western Washington on Monday . The Wolf Pack vs Rocky Mountain College of Billings, MT on Thurs. in Phoenix, AZ, then they meet Carroll College, MT on Friday , again in AZ.
  • Trinity Western is in California on Tuesday/ Weds. , with their 1st game at Cal St.- San Marcos, and the 2nd at Costa Mesa vs Vanguard Univ. The Spartans play at La Mirada, CA on Sat. vs Biola U.
  • Lethbridge is also in Phoenix – vs Cal.St. -San Marcos on Thurs., Arizona Christian on Friday, and Concordia U. (Irvine, CA) on Saturday.
  • MacEwan,  are in the Phoenix area  and up against Montana Western on Thursday, U. Great Falls , Friday, and Montana St.-Northern on Saturday.

(Are exams now over at these schools ?  Maybe they write fewer tests than at other campuses ?  )